Transformational Coaching Certification

Master Coaching Certification for Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, & Individuals Looking To Start A Practice.


Monthly Group Classes for 12 months Including Impactful step by step online curriculum from the comfort of your home.


1st Weekend Class Begins Oct. 5th, Boulder, CO

  • 12 Weekend Group Classes
  • One weekend in person class per month
  • Online Curriculum Between Classes

"A year later, I realize I’m not the same person I used to be at all. It’s hard to remember that only a year ago, I was identified with my pain, my personality, and I really didn’t know who I was at all, although I thought I did. Now, I’ve become the person I’ve always dreamed I could become.”  

Rebecca, Massage Therapist

  • Do you feel blocked and limited because you don’t yet know the steps to transform your intentions into the reality of a fulfilling career, relationship, and happy life?  


  • Do you not feel fulfilled by your current job or relationship?  
  • Do you think it is because you are not being met and challenged in a way that brings out your true gifts and Core Being?  

  • Does the work you are now doing, feels incomplete…like there is a missing piece that if you could just find it, you would be able to see the whole picture?  
  • Do you feel you are missing out on the excellence you could bring to your clients and help them manifest? Intuitively do you feel there is a bigger picture waiting for you but you can’t find it yet? 

  • Do you feel the pain of over responsibility and thus don’t want to hurt clients.

  • Do you need more information about working with trauma and skill development because they are always striving to be better, they feel the pain of not being good enough.

Learn the 'Superpower Skills' to help your clients transform any emotion or negative life experience into deep awakening and empowerment. Highlights follow:

- The trauma, linked to the false self-identification, can initiate anxiety that can induce hypo and hyper arousal states; increase stress, blood pressure and other negative physical responses. Protocols will be given to support clients’ ability to dis-identify with the negative emotional body-centered cues of the false self and re-identify with true self responses in the body and its energy matrix.  

- Physical movement and mobilizing techniques will be taught to transform trauma's (the wound) negative reactivity and deepen a connection into client's true self.  

- Five-step body-centered bio-energy matrix and mindfulness techniques clinicians can immediately use in their practice to transform and repair the false self -identification and initiate identification of the true self. Client handouts, video links, and support material will be available for students to give to their clients and/or use on themselves.  

- Introduce mindfulness and somatic techniques to assess trauma-distortions that are held in the body’s negative emotional holding (including its collective bioelectric output). These techniques will teach clients “how to feel” negative emotions and beliefs so they can transform and become the actual vehicle for creating a deeper connection to their true self.  

- Learn to work integratively, benefiting from all three mind, energy and body systems together in one organized system of change!  

- Combine the skills of energy healers, body-centered trauma specialists and mindfulness practitioners all in one!  

Take your life and work to the next level!

Let Me Introduce You to Angela. 

Angela is a yoga teacher, Hakomi practitioner, is trained in prenatal birth trauma work and has been a Buddhist meditator for the past decade. She confessed to me that she couldn’t seem to create positive long-term intimate relationships.  

Her last, and longest 5-year relationship ended in her being abused by her partner. In her energy field, I could clearly assess deep unresolved anger concerning her father’s molestation attempts when she was just 10 years old.  

Yet when I suggested she might benefit from exploring her anger, she responded by exclaiming there was no anger to be found. Since I had read deep anger in her field, I could tell it was the primary reason she felt stuck, so I pressed on. She confessed, she ran over her boyfriend’s foot with her car earlier that same day.  

You see, as you learn to assess the energy of the deepest trauma holding your client back, you can avoid being an unwilling co-dependent supporter and gently guide your client through their inner pitfalls so they can heal their inner saboteur.  

Over time, Angela realized what was going on and is now amazingly skilled at tracking her own energy field, finding the lower vibrational consciousness holding her back, and transforming it into wisdom, wholeness, and positive creation.  

Anger is no longer an emotion that overwhelms her, and she can easily feel it in a manner that fosters healing. Two years later she is now married to the man of her dreams. As a therapist, she now read’s her clients, feels empowered to avoid co-dependency, assess their field, and is very skillful at helping them heal their trauma as well! 


  • This exceptionally designed program is presented in twelve interactive, practical, and relevant weekend classes to ensure that the "Evolutionary Change Modality" becomes a part of each student’s daily thinking, feeling, and acting. This leads to each student personally transforming their life & being able to coach others through the system.
  • Skilled and experienced instructors: Acclaimed teacher Carolyn Bucey Eberle, L.P.C, and her training assistants, have 20+ years experience facilitating the techniques taught in this class. As a therapist, coach, & world-wide acclaimed spiritual teacher you are in good hands with Carolyn.
  • Long-term benefits - not the quick fix or junk food approach. This magical and profound year - requires commitment and dedication. It is only for those willing to look deeply within, move out of their false self and awaken to their true wholeness.
  • Learn to rewire the reactive brain! This training is evidence-based, powerful, and life-changing. We compile the gifts of energy healers, somatic trauma psychotherapists, and mindfulness practitioners in our training! 
  • In Colorado, graduates of this certification can practice as a unlicensed psychotherapist.

"I felt guided to join the Mind Energy Body Certification program out of a deep desire to hone my healing gifts, and to utilize them in my spiritually-based career. What a life-altering, powerfully transformative journey it was! Before I found myself dis-empowered and collapsing into pain and old patterns, now I have tools to assist me in deepening my connection to my authentic essence; my Core Being. Thanks to this AMAZING program!” 

Sarah, Healer

12 Modules

  • Class #1: Quantum Reality's Potential (QRP) - Understand the Science as to why this advanced system of change works! Learn the anatomy of the energy fields/dimensions. Embody your natural gifts to sense, see, and assess subtle energy and connect to spirit guides. 
  • Class #2-4: Anchor into Your Core Being - Discover the Secret Code to re-program the false self that's holding you back. Embody the 5 Steps, Skills, & Spiritual Laws to power and positive manifestation.  
  • Class #5: Develop the Higher Mind - From a new paradigm of advanced awakening, discover how to heal child consciousness and deep inner wounds. Identify and heal negative ego-based defenses, beliefs, and unhealthy programming. 
  • Class #6: Healthy Relationships with Self and Others - Learn the "5 Seeds of Distortion Around Love" including adult attachment challenges and solutions. 
  • Class #7: Transformation of Anger to Power - Learn to feel these difficult emotions so they transform into healthy power, wisdom, and manifestation! 
  • Class #8: Trauma Protocol: Prevent Re-Wounding Self and Clients - Innovative evidence-based techniques to prevent emotional trauma from hurting you when you (or your client) heals. You also learn to heal birth trauma, developmental trauma, and more. 
  • Class #9: Healing Negative Family Lineage Patterns and Dis-empowered Archetypes - Learn your “biological consciousness container” and its super power abilities to break negative archetype and painful ancestral/lineage energies. 
  • Class #10: Cancer, Illness, Grief, Death, and Dying - Life affirming techniques to heal the root causes of auto-immune challenges and help someone through the sacred process of dying. 
  • Class #11: Sexual Healing - Work with sexual energies, heal sexual trauma, and awaken your authentic power! 
  • Class #12: Integration and Graduation - Create your unique style, discover business strategies to develop a private practice, and attend a powerful graduation ceremony where deeper healing and spiritual awakening takes place.  

Mind, Energy Body School of Transformation (720) 530-7621 

"This was a huge shift for me, one that I knew was important yet had never been addressed in all the past trainings I had done. The Me-B training allowed me to integrate all that I had learned while deepening my work both personally and professionally. It has given me tools to help shift deep emotional pain and suffering while learning how to stay deeply connected to my divinity and innate wholeness. The ability to work on all three levels: the mind, energy, and body has profoundly transformed my view of my personal and professional life. Carolyn is extremely talented and provides a training atmosphere filled with love, acceptance, safety, and laughter.” 

Julie, LPC

Mind Energy Body School of Transformation (720) 530-7621