Transformational Coaching Certification

Master certification for practitioners, mental health professionals, energy healers, massage therapists and for those looking for self-mastery and sacred awakening! 

 If you want to learn the latest in brain science, trauma healing, adult attachment theory, and somatic approaches while also discovering how to access the sacred and spiritual magic of spiritual awakening and hands on energy healing, then this is the certification for you! Come learn this powerful integrative coaching certification that combines the skills of energy healers, somatic trauma specalists, adult attachment experts, and meditators.  

Myriam, MA, LPCC What Carolyn teaches is a powerful application of ancient and modern wisdom. Her work integrates some of the most effective technologies for personal growth and spiritual awakening that we have available today. As a student in her course, I unraveled some of the deep blocks and traumas that have been running my life, and learned new ways of living from joy, abundance, and wholeness -- and learned the skills to help others do the same. I highly recommend Carolyn and her trainings.  


During this 12 month transformational certification, you are in class only one weekend a month (2.5 days), while having full access to an impactful step by step online curriculum that you can enjoy from the comfort of home

Location: Mind Energy Body School of Transformation; in the beautiful foothills of Northern Boulder, CO


1st Weekend Class Begins Soon Boulder, CO

  • A scacred spiritual journey that transmits your true essence deep into your cells.
  • More than 20 advanced protocals to heal trauma, rewire the reactive brain, attachment system, negative lineage patterns, illness and so much more! 

"A year later, I realize I’m not the same person I used to be at all. It’s hard to remember that only a year ago, I was identified with my pain, my personality, and I really didn’t know who I was at all, although I thought I did. Now, I’ve become the person I’ve always dreamed I could become.”  

Rebecca, Massage Therapist

  • Searching for a powerful consciousness technology that integrates some of the most effective techniques for personal growth, healing trauma, and spiritual awakening? 
  • Do you want to be met and challenged in ways that bring out your true gifts, heal your false self and deepen your connection to your true essence?  
  • Does the work or life you are now experiencing feel incomplete…and a deep ache inside is searching for that missing piece?
  • Do you long to gain the super power abilities to sense, see and transform the subtle energy that shapes your reality and that can cause pain and suffering for your clients and those you love? 
  • Do you feel the anst of responsibility because you want to help, not hurt? 
  • Do you sometimes feel not good enough and long to find the path to freedom and joy?

Myriam Maida, MA, LPCC  

What Carolyn teaches is a powerful application of ancient and modern wisdom. Her work integrates some of the most effective technologies for personal growth and spiritual awakening that we have available today. As a student in her course, I unraveled some of the deep blocks and traumas that have been running my life, and learned new ways of living from joy, abundance, and wholeness — and learned the skills to help others do the same. I highly recommend Carolyn and her trainings.

Take your life and work to the next level!

Let Me Introduce You to Angela. 

Angela is a yoga teacher, Hakomi practitioner, is trained in prenatal birth trauma work and has been a Buddhist meditator for the past decade. She confessed to me that she couldn’t seem to create positive long-term intimate relationships.  

Her last, and longest 5-year relationship ended in her being abused by her partner. In her energy field, I could clearly assess deep unresolved anger concerning her father’s molestation attempts when she was just 10 years old.  

Yet when I suggested she might benefit from exploring her anger, she responded by exclaiming there was no anger to be found. Since I had read deep anger in her field, I could tell it was the primary reason she felt stuck, so I pressed on. She confessed, she ran over her boyfriend’s foot with her car earlier that same day.  

You see, as you learn to assess the energy of the deepest trauma holding your client back, you can avoid being an unwilling co-dependent supporter and gently guide your client through their inner pitfalls so they can heal their inner saboteur.  

Over time, Angela realized what was going on and is now amazingly skilled at tracking her own energy field, finding the lower vibrational consciousness holding her back, and transforming it into wisdom, wholeness, and positive creation.  

Anger is no longer an emotion that overwhelms her, and she can easily feel it in a manner that fosters healing. Two years later she is now married to the man of her dreams. As a therapist, she now "read’s" her clients, and is very skillful at helping them heal their trauma as well! 


  • This exceptionally designed program is presented in twelve interactive, practical, and relevant weekend classes to ensure that this "evolutionary change modality" becomes a part of each student’s daily thinking, feeling, and acting. The class format transmits the teachings enrgetically deep into your cells so you learn through the body and the mind. This leads to each student personally transforming their life & being able to coach others through the system.
  • Online videos, powerpoints, research and homework support is a vital part of the training. Each and every student's unique and diverse learning styles are met in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Skilled and experienced instructors: Acclaimed teacher Carolyn Bucey Eberle, L.P.C, and her training assistants, have 20+ years experience transmitting the techniques taught in this class. As a therapist, coach, & world-wide acclaimed spiritual teacher you are in good hands with Carolyn.
  • Long-term benefits - not the quick fix or junk food approach. This magical and profound year - requires commitment and dedication. It is only for those willing to look deeply within, move out of their false self and awaken to their true wholeness. 
  • This training is evidence-based, powerful, and life-changing. We combine both ancient and modern wisdom so students gain the skill-sets of energy healers, somatic trauma experts, and mindfulness practitioners! 
  • In Colorado, graduates of this certification can practice as a unlicensed psychotherapist.

"I felt guided to join the Mind Energy Body Certification program out of a deep desire to hone my healing gifts, and to utilize them in my spiritually-based career. What a life-altering, powerfully transformative journey it was! Before I found myself dis-empowered and collapsing into pain and old patterns, now I have tools to assist me in deepening my connection to my authentic essence; my Core Being. Thanks to this AMAZING program!” 

Sarah, Healer

12 Module Summary

  • Class #1: Quantum Reality's Potential - Understand the Science as to why this advanced system of empowered change and spiritual awakening works! Learn the anatomy of the energy fields/dimensions. Embody your natural gifts to sense, see, and assess subtle energy and connect to spirit guides. 
  • Class #2-3: Anchor into Your Core Being and the Higher Realms - You are already brilliant, yet a cloud can cover the metaphorical sun of your true essence. Come learn how to reconnect to your bigger truth, universal energies, star child, multi-dimential fabric, and the centered oneness of all. You will also learn to help clients embody these powerful energies too!
  • 5 Body-Centered Personality Types - Discover the Secret Code to re-program the false self that's holding you back. Embody the 5 Steps, Skills, & Spiritual Laws to power and positive manifestation. The spiritual, compassionate, heart-centered, leader and excel personality types will be explored in detail so you advance your ablity to track your client and yourself at deeper levels.
  • Class #5: Develop the Higher Mind - From a new paradigm of advanced awakening, discover how to heal child consciousness and deep inner wounds. Identify and heal negative ego-based defenses, beliefs, and unhealthy programming. 
  • Class #6: Healing Attachment Disorders and Cultivating Healthy Relationships with Self and Others - Learn 3 Skills of Adult Consciousness that advance Secure Attachment Patterns. Also discover the "5 Seeds of Distortion Around Love" and receive integrative solutions for internal safety and trust. 
  • Class #7: Transformation of Anger to Power - Learn to feel these difficult emotions so they transform into healthy power, wisdom, and manifestation! 
  • Class #8: Trauma Protocol: Prevent Re-Wounding Self and Clients - Innovative evidence-based techniques to prevent emotional trauma from hurting you when you (or your client) heals. You also learn to heal birth trauma, developmental trauma, and more. 
  • Class #9: Healing Negative Family Lineage Patterns and Dis-empowered Archetypes - Learn your “biological consciousness container” and its super power abilities to break negative archetype and painful ancestral/lineage energies. 
  • Class #10: Cancer, Illness, Grief, Death, and Dying - Life affirming techniques to heal the root causes of auto-immune challenges and help someone through the sacred process of dying. 
  • Class #11: Sexual Healing - Work with sexual energies, heal sexual trauma, and awaken your authentic power! 
  • Class #12: Integration and Graduation - Create your unique style, discover business strategies to develop a private practice, and attend a powerful graduation ceremony where deeper healing and spiritual awakening takes place.  

Mind, Energy Body School of Transformation (720) 530-7621 

"This was a huge shift for me, one that I knew was important yet had never been addressed in all the past trainings I had done. The Me-B training allowed me to integrate all that I had learned while deepening my work both personally and professionally. It has given me tools to help shift deep emotional pain and suffering while learning how to stay deeply connected to my divinity and innate wholeness. The ability to work on all three levels: the mind, energy, and body has profoundly transformed my view of my personal and professional life. Carolyn is extremely talented and provides a training atmosphere filled with love, acceptance, safety, and laughter.” 

Julie, LPC

Mind Energy Body School of Transformation (720) 530-7621