4 Part Webinar Series on Awakening Your Natural Manifestation Skills

The 1st Webinar begins Monday, August 6th - 7pm Mountain Time; 9pm EST 

“I realize I’m not the same person I used to be at all. It’s hard to remember that only a year ago, I was identified with my pain, my personality, and I really didn’t know who I was at all, although I thought I did. Now, I’ve become the person I’ve always dreamed I could become.”

Rebecca, Massage Therapist

How would you feel if you were able to live and work in a positive and joyful place?

How would you feel if you walked into your office feeling confident and excited to do the work that you're passionate about? 

Imagine waking up feeling joyful and confident to start your day and be successful in your life. 

Imagine having a happier and healthier relationship with your family and friends, and being able to support yours and your families goals and life passions. 

Getting enough personal power to manifest your best career, abundance, or love can be difficult. Yet, there is a simple formula that can launch you on your way. Come to this free 4 part webinar series to learn more!  

 In This 4 Part Webinar Series, You Will Learn How to:

1. Identify the blocks that prevent internal growth.  

2. Rewire your brain to connect with your true self.  

3. Incorporate these 5 steps and skills to heal your trauma and foster conscious creation.  

4. Discover the "Quantum Vibrational Science" of manifestation and it's link to healing and spiritual awakening.  

Session 1 begins Monday, August 6th - 7pm Mountain Time; 9 EST  

One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard is the sound of a beautiful strong woman’s voice once she has discovered her true worth. – Elizabeth Gilbert, EAT PRAY LOVE

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Presented by Carolyn Bucey Eberle, LPC  

Carolyn Bucey Eberle, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Author of Explorer’s Mind-The Map to Freedom, Public Speaker and Founder of the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation.  

Having developed a new paradigm of healing, Carolyn is best known as 'therapist to the therapist." Coaches, counselors, massage therapists & other licensed professionals travel worldwide to take their practice to a new level. 

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The Mind-Energy-Body School of Transformation was founded by Carolyn Bucey Eberle with the intenion to help others transform pain to power and create their best life. We offer private coaching, weekend workshops & coach certifications. (

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